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      Fresh Flour Chocolate Crinkle Recipe

      Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

      These soft, decadent Crinkle Cookies feature the iconic powdery, cracked surface we all love.  The fresh flour adds a tenderness that is irresistible and the espresso powder adds a deep, rich chocolate flavor and makes them stand apart from their more typical mega-sweet counterparts.  

      They will be very soft when they come out of the oven and setup as they cool. If you bake them for too long, the centers will not be fudgy.  The fudgy soft center paired with the slight crunch on the outside is to die for!

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      Easy Best Chocolate Cake with fresh flour

      Moist Freshly Milled Chocolate Cake

      Our Unsifted Chocolate Cake uses our delicious Dessert Berry Blend to make 100% organic whole grain fresh flour!  My favorite thing about this cake is the ease in which you can whip up a cake that everyone raves about.  I love it so much more than before with conventional flour.  It's also actually even fudgier if you frost it the day before and let the icing meld with the cake. 

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