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      Easy Berry Cobbler (Pie Cake)

      Easy Berry Cobbler (Pie Cake)

      This cobbler is literally the EASIEST thing to make. It is my go-to whenever I need a quick dessert and is a must-have for summer dinner parties (or anytime really)! It mixes together in just 10 minutes and uses our light and sweet Dessert Berry Blend. The top bakes into golden, crispy perfection with just the right amount of crunch, and I love to serve it warm with a scoop of ice cream on top. It’s the perfect summer treat for kids and adults alike! Plus, it's extremely versatile- you can use any fruit you have on hand. Fair warning: everyone will want seconds!

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      Fresh Flour Snickerdoodles, whole grain cookie, healthier snickerdoodle

      Soft Chewy Snickerdoodles

      These are the softest snickerdoodles and you'll never guess they are loaded with whole grain nutrition.  I am shocked at how soft these cookies stay after they cool.  I do feel like I need to warn you….they are addicting! 

      Did you know that cream of tartar is technically called potassium bitartrate?  One teaspoon contains 495 mg of potassium.  So by using cream of tartar for this recipe you're getting approximately 33 mg of added potassium into your diet from this ingredient alone.  Combined with the approximate potassium in the Dessert Berry Blend you're now up to a total 71 mg per cookie.  It's not the recommended 3,500 mg RDI per day, but it's pretty darn good for a COOKIE!  And its still helpful if you're like most of the population and deficient in potassium.  Unfortunately our soil has become demineralized due to acid rain and other factors, so its important to ensure you're enough of the right minerals as they all work together.  As one nih.gov studies states, "Insufficient potassium intakes can increase blood pressure, kidney stone risk, bone turnover, urinary calcium excretion, and salt sensitivity (meaning that changes in sodium intakes affect blood pressure to a greater than normal extent)." (Source)  So here's to whole grain potassium filled cookies!

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      Fresh Flour Whole Grain Pie Crust with all butter

      Fresh Flour Pie Crust

      This homemade buttery fresh flour pie crust uses 100% whole grains, via our four grain Dessert Berry Blend, and 100% real butter.  It is flaky and can hold up to the savory weight of a chicken pot pie or sweet filling of a delicious apple pie.  I am a huge pie fan, but I am also pretty particular, because all crusts are not created equal.  I had arguably the best all-purpose crust recipe from my grandma, so I was initially nervous about fresh flour for pie crusts. I realize this is probably a non-issue for most people, but my family and I are rotisserie-chicken-pot-pie lovers, so I'm thrilled to share what I've been working on and what we've been loving. This one is loved by my family and I love the added nutrients and fiber they get while eating this delicious dessert!

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      Fresh Flour Whole Wheat Carrot Cake

      Super Moist Carrot Cake

      This carrot cake is wonderful!  It has a super moist crumb, is made with lots of fresh carrots, is high in fiber from fresh whole grain flour, and and it's finished off with a dreamy cream cheese icing.  The best part is that it is also easy and versatile.  You may choose to make it into cupcakes, round layered, Bundt, or even a very quick 9x13-inch cake- all you have to do is simply adjust the pan and baking time.  This recipe is also versatile to suit your personal taste preferences- I prefer no nuts or raisins so the recipe is listed as such, but we've included many options as mix-in ideas.

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      Unsifted's whole grain banana bread

      Fresh Flour Banana Bread

      Do you have extra ripe bananas to use?  This whole grain banana bread is so tender, and moist not to mention being packed with fiber, B-Vitamins, Vitamin E, and more!  For a special treat we occasionally add a delicious crumble topping, that is shown in the picture.  We love eating this banana bread while warm because we think it melts in our mouths, but if you let it fully cool it will be more setup and easier to transport if you are gifting the loaf to a friend.

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