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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      So easy!

      The recipe cards make it so easy to follow and are so pretty! Using the cards to get adjusted to using fresh milled flour has helped a lot. My family loves everything that I’ve made and I feel good about what they’re eating.


      So far I’ve made the bread and the muffins with the unsifted whole wheat and both have been delicious. You can’t help but be successful with these recipes.

      April Miller
      Recipe card love!!

      These cards are so beautiful! They're 8 and a 1/2 by 11 size with lots of super great variations on the back as well as step-by-step instructions. I laminated mine to keep them gorgeous :) just made my 1st batchof simple sandwich bread and they look beautiful and taste great. Thanks Unsifted!

      Rachael L
      Delicious & versatile recipes

      While I hope to eventually experiment and adapt my own favorite AP recipes to fresh flour, I am so glad I bought these cards as a starting point. The cards provide step by step instructions, including the milling steps, and there are numerous variations for each recipe. In the last couple weeks I've made several loaves of 'basic' bread (it's anything but basic) as well as dinner rolls and 2 types of muffins all from just 2 of the cards. My son is desperate to try the brownies so those are next on the list. Definitely a great purchase

      Amy Coltrane
      Awesome recipe cards!

      These are great! They have so much more than a recipe. They have tips, variations, and everything I need to be successful as I learn more about baking with whole grains. My family especially loves the muffin recipe, and we’ve tried many of the variations! The chocolate chip cookies are awesome!