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      -- General --

      No, we do not sell flour. We sell whole grains for you to mill into fresh flour. Here’s why:


      Whole grains have lots of natural oils in them. These oils are protected in the whole grain form, but once they are milled into flour the oils begin to oxidize and break down. In fact, the oils can go rancid just a few days after milling! This is one of the main reasons that commercial mills sift their flour; sifting removes the natural oils and extends the shelf life of the flour which is great from a logistics and supply chain perspective. However, there’s a big problem with sifting: sifting removes most nutritious parts of the whole grains.


      Whole grain wheat has 40/44 Key Essential Nutrients our bodies need to survive, but all of these nutrients begin to oxidize as soon as the grain is milled into flour. It’s estimated that as much as 45% of the nutrients have oxidized within 24 hours of milling, and 90% have oxidized withing 3 days of milling. The precious (and powerful!) Vitamin E is among the first nutrients to be lost to oxidation, followed by enzymes that help our bodies digest gluten more easily. Storing fresh flour in the fridge or freezer may keep the oils from going rancid as fast, but it doesn’t stop the loss of the other nutrients. This is why it’s so important to buy whole grains and mill just the flour you need right when you need it. No matter what the marketing tells you, there is no comparison between freshly milled flour and pre-milled flour.

      The WonderMill is the quietest, fastest, and most powerful non-commercial electric grain mill on the market. Unlike many other mills, the WonderMill operates at temperatures that preserve nutrients, ensuring you get the maximum nutritional benefit from your whole grains. With a large 1250-watt motor, the WonderMill can grind 1 cup of flour in under 15 seconds (faster than you can get the eggs out of the fridge!) and lets you control the coarseness from coarse (grits) to super-fine (pastry). The WonderMill will grind wheat, corn, rice, legumes, beans, and other small grains like Quinoa and Amaranth – to name a few! Go to www.thewondermill.com to learn more and to see a full list of what the WonderMill can grind.


      A few reasons why we love the WonderMill: • EASY & FAST: mills with the push of a button (great for little helpers) • TEXTURE: you control the texture from pastry to coarse • COMPACT: easy storage • SELF-CLEANING: micronizing stainless mill heads make cleanup a breeze! • FILTER: prevents fine flour from getting into the air • CAPACITY: large canister can hold up to 12 cups of flour at a time • SOUND: sound reduction design makes it the quietest electric mill available • LOW TEMP: maximizes nutrition by ensuring flour is not overheated

      Unsifted sells GRAIN BLENDS to make home milling as convenient, nutritious and delicious as possible for our customers! Sarah and Keira are both engineers and enjoy research, but we found when talking with friends and family that many of them did not have the time (or interest) in studying grain protein counts, moisture absorption rates, etc. to learn which grains should be used in which recipes. Did you know there are dozens and dozens of grain varieties? Each of them taste different and has different baking characteristics. Each type of grain also has its own nutritional advantages, and it's widely encouraged to eat a variety of whole grains for diversified nutrient profiles. Our grain blends are CURATED with delicious and versatile baking profiles to easily meet all your baking needs. Additionally, our blends can help save you storage space; Our BASIC BLEND and DESSERT BLEND have six varieties of whole grains between them, but you only need to store two!

      Our 12 pound bag makes roughly 41 cups of fresh flour. Each cup of grain makes 1 1/2 cups of milled fresh flour on the WonderMill's "Bread" setting.

      Wheat berries to fresh flour conversion

      For a single 1 lb loaf it takes roughly 2 1/2 cups of Basic Blend flour. That is roughly $2.25 per loaf in grain costs. For us, we source most of our other supplies from and the total/all-in price per 1 lb. loaf is roughly $3.80.

      Whole wheat flour at the store is usually milled from the same roller mills that the all-purpose flour is milled on. Then after it's been fully separated they add back some bran (fibrous outside layer) and germ (life-giving inner portion). The problem with this is that it has already been completely removed and thus is dried and oxidized so the nutrients are largely gone, leaving a dry and bitter particle. This is why many people often have to "cut" their whole wheat flour with half all-purpose flour. Fresh flour is very moist and not at all comparable.

      Please checkout our Shipping Policy page for further details. Additionally, we have an "Easy Start Checklist" on our "Getting Started" tab to help prepare your ingredients while you wait on your shipment. Further, there are also "How-to" videos to help on the "Getting Started" tab as well.



      -- Getting Started --

      Checkout our "Easy Start Checklist" on the Getting Started tab. We've compiled a list of ingredients and supplies that will be helpful to have on hand so you can begin baking as soon as possible! If you plan to make yeasted breads, we highly recommend purchasing Instaferm yeast. We also highly recommend USA Pans - they are truly nonstick and make cleanup a breeze!

      Check out our "Easy Start Checklist" for the full list of helpful accessories. Two of our favorites are a dough scraper and a food thermometer!

      Checkout our unboxing video on the "Getting Started" tab's "How-to Videos". Our first video walks through cleaning and the second shows how to prime the mill which cleans the mill heads. It's important to note that you should never put any water or oils inside the mill itself. That is very important. Check out the full list of things to mill at: www.thewondermill.com

      Checkout our unboxing video on the "Getting Started" tab's "How-to Videos". The second video shows how to prime the mill which cleans the mill heads. We recommend using the Prime Pack that we provide with your Starter Kit, then trash all the resulting flour. The first grind cleans the mill heads from anything that may have gotten on them during manufacturing. After this initial run you're ready to begin baking! Note: There is no need to prime the mill again in the future.

      It's super simple! Simply assemble the cannister, plug the grey tube into the side until seated past the line marker, hold onto the top rim with one hand, and press "on" with your other. You will feel a slight jolt but that's expected. Once running, pour your grain in and let it run until it's complete. We recommend letting it run approximately 10 seconds past completion to clean the mill heads. That's it. You're done and ready to open your cannister to find healthy, delicious, whole grain flour.

      There is no need to clean your mill itself. Again, water and oil are the enemy of the machine. You may wipe dust off with a dry towel but it should not require any more cleaning than that. As for the cannister and cannister accessories, we do not clean ours after every use. After a normal use we simply tap off the excess flour from the cannister and cup. After 2-3 uses we often perform a deep clean, we repeat the washing instructions shared in the "Getting Started: Unboxing Video" - wash the cannister and cannister cup with soap and water, rinse the filter with water, and use a damp cloth to clean the cannister lid (making sure not to get water stuck in the tube).

      Grain is very shelf stable when kept in a dry, cool, pest free environment. Grain has been found in Egyptian tombs that still sprouted thousands of years later. We recommend an air-tight container, but it is not required if you are not keeping it long-term. The Unsifted packaging itself is sealed air tight so if can be kept directly in the bag. If there is any potential for rodents in your house we'd recommend you keep your bags in a sealed tote to provide further protection.



      -- Life Unsifted --

      Checkout the "RECIPES >> CONVERSIONS" tab to see all the information on this topic. Most simply, our blends make flour. Freshly milled flour can replace anything that is requiring flour. Our Dessert Blend equates to a whole grain Pastry Flour. Our Basic Blend equates to a whole wheat Bread Flour. Many whole wheat flour recipes translate directly. For additional details conversion details please checkout our page referenced above. Reach out to us for more questions.

      We believe we weren’t created to do this life alone; life is better together and we all were created for a purpose with something to offer. Every Unsifted customer is invited to join our "Unsifted Collective" Facebook community after their initial purchase. Simply log into Facebook and request access. Be sure to include your order number to help us quickly approve your request. Come as you are, share your favorite recipes using Unsifted Blends, ask the group for help where you’re having troubles, and cheer others on in this #modernmilling adventure. Let’s live life Unsifted together!