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      How to Manage a Subscription

      How to Manage a Subscription


      One of the pillars of #modernmilling is convenience.  If home-milling isn't convenient we know that as life gets busy you'll give it up.  That's why Unsifted focuses on finding allll the ways to make milling fast and delicious so you don't have to choose between nutritious food and family activities!

      Subscribe & Save is an amazing feature so you will never have to worry about running out of whole grains again- your custom order will be automatically delivered to your doorstep at the frequency you choose!  All whole grain refill products are eligible for subscription services.

      How it works:  
      Simply select your favorite Unsifted blend, click "Subscribe & Save (save 5%)", and choose your desired delivery frequency. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual delivery options are available.  Customize your subscription box with as many blends as you want!  No fees. Cancel anytime.

      What's the advantage?
      Time and money.  First, subscription orders save 5% PLUS subscription orders take priority to other orders and will be processed first.  This is true whole food nutrition delivered directly to your door!  

      Need to update your subscription?  No problem and no fees! 
      You can make changes to your order at any time, before your order pulls, on your subscription dashboard once logged into your account. Simply log into your unsifted.com account on your desktop/laptop computer then look in the upper right hand corner to find the "My Subscription" button and manage your frequency, dates, products directly there. See the screenshots below for a visual on how to access your subscription details directly.

      Note: The dashboard currently is not working for mobile customers so email info@unsifted.com to request updates to your subscription if you do not have access to a desktop/laptop computer.  We are still working to remedy the mobile solution. 


      How to access your Subscription Dashboard on a desktop/laptop: 

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      Step 2

      Step 3

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      step 5-6

      An EASY SECRET to Soft + Fluffy Freshly Milled Bread

      An EASY SECRET to Soft + Fluffy Freshly Milled Bread

      We have a fresh flour secret to share with you and we are excited for you to experience the benefits!  For our customers it’s not a new secret, but we thought we’d share the WHY because we’ve been getting some lovely messages since we made the switch on our recipe cards a ways back. One customer messaged us on Instagram and said:

      "I am truly amazed at the difference!  When I pulled the dough out for the first time it felt softer to the touch....The bread is softer than ever!" 

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      fresh milled pumpkin spice rolls; freshly milled pumpkin spice. fresh flour pumpkin spice.

      Fresh Milled Pumpkin Spice Rolls

      Let's talk about our freshly milled Pumpkin Spice Rolls made with our lofty Unsifted Basic Blend. These little bundles of joy are like cinnamon rolls' cooler, more autumnal cousin. They're soft, fluffy, and filled with a cozy pumpkin spice filling that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

      Are you a fan of chocolate with your pumpkin? If so, we highly encourage you to spread mini-chocolate chips over the dough after spreading out the filling!  We hope you enjoy these rolls as much as we do :)

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      freshly milled graham crackers. unsifted graham crackers. homemade graham crackers

      Fresh Milled Graham Crackers

      Unsifted Graham Crackers are made with our Basic Blend and are delightfully crisp while still having a tenderness about them. It is addicting!  We love them dipped in milk, as a snack when traveling, for s'mores, in our chocolate chip s'mores cookies, etc.  Who doesn't love a guilt-free Graham cracker?  Its the thing you never thought you needed, BUT once you make them that you can't live without.

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      fresh milled flaky biscuit. fresh milled buttermilk biscuit

      Fresh Milled Flaky Biscuits

      These Unsifted FLAKY BISCUITS are so so delicious. Personally, I like to be able to separate them into a few flaky layers...BUT I still want it to be tender.  I need a little bit of both. We love these biscuits plain, with gravy, sweetened and with strawberries, and with chocolate chips and a simple vanilla drizzle.  These biscuits pass the husband and kid test at my house and I hope you love them too :)

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