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      Fresh Flour Whole Grain Pie Crust with all butter

      Fresh Flour Pie Crust

      This homemade buttery fresh flour pie crust uses 100% whole grains, via our four grain Dessert Berry Blend, and 100% real butter.  It is flaky and can hold up to the savory weight of a chicken pot pie or sweet filling of a delicious apple pie.  I am a huge pie fan, but I am also pretty particular, because all crusts are not created equal.  I had arguably the best all-purpose crust recipe from my grandma, so I was initially nervous about fresh flour for pie crusts. I realize this is probably a non-issue for most people, but my family and I are rotisserie-chicken-pot-pie lovers, so I'm thrilled to share what I've been working on and what we've been loving. This one is loved by my family and I love the added nutrients and fiber they get while eating this delicious dessert!

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