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      Fresh Herb Stuffing

      Fresh Herb Stuffing

      Unsifted Stuffing is a Thanksgiving must-have that is sure to impress! Your favorite fall flavors are paired with the unmatched nutrition of Unsifted Fresh Flour to make the ultimate comfort food. This savory, buttery, holiday classic is baked to perfection with a light crisp on top and a soft, moist center.

      Unsifted Stuffing is versatile enough to handle bread cubes that are stale, toasted, or fresh - or try using a combination! You can even get creative by mixing a variety of bread types (we highly recommend Unsifted Simple Sandwich Bread paired with Focaccia…recipe coming soon!). The different textures add a delightful twist to this family favorite.

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      Homemade Pitas, Whole wheat pitas, Fresh Flour Pitas

      Fresh Flour Pita Pockets

      Fresh Flour Pita Pockets exceeded my every expectation and are now a monthly staple in our meal planning schedule. Between the delicious fresh flour taste, the soft pliable pocket, and the warm tender goodness, we can't get enough! Quick. Easy. Delicious. Yes please!

      This recipe also includes a light and fresh Greek Salad filling that you HAVE to try! Especially if you have extra cucumbers from your garden, this recipe is CALLING your name! 

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      whole grain baguette

      Quick Baguettes (30 Minutes!)

      This is the easiest bread you'll ever make! Trust me…you can do this!  If you've been intimidated to jump into Unsifted, this is your perfect gateway bread! You don't need a mixer or any special gadgets and it's roughly 30 minutes start to finish

      I use this bread all the time for garlic bread, meatball sandwiches, toasted paninis, a quick dinner bread, and my personal favorite....Italian Bruschetta. After my husband and I got back from Italy, several years ago/pre-kids, he set out to find bruschetta that tasted authentic to what we had in Florence, Tuscany and Rome. This is a close match to our Italy experience.  You have to try it! It's the perfect appetizer for a dinner party, makes a delicious topping for your fresh flour pizza crust, is an easy fresh and light summer lunch, or this week my family had it with fresh flour noodles to curate the full Italian theme!

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      whole wheat tortillas, homemade tortilla

      Fresh Flour Tortillas

      You can serve these homemade tortillas in so many ways: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, taquitos, enchiladas, fresh tortilla chips, cinnamon sugar treat, or just plain.  I don't think I've made a batch yet that that kids and I haven't eaten at least one hot off the press.  They are just so tender and warm and delicious!  Trust us, you won't view tortillas the same after you see what fresh flour has to offer.  I love that I no longer feel guilty about eating the tortilla too.  This is the ultimate recipe for Cinco de Mayo...or any occasion!

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