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      An EASY SECRET to Soft + Fluffy Freshly Milled Bread

      An EASY SECRET to Soft + Fluffy Freshly Milled Bread

      We have a fresh flour secret to share with you and we are excited for you to experience the benefits!  For our customers it’s not a new secret, but we thought we’d share the WHY because we’ve been getting some lovely messages since we made the switch on our recipe cards a ways back. One customer messaged us on Instagram and said:

      "I am truly amazed at the difference!  When I pulled the dough out for the first time it felt softer to the touch....The bread is softer than ever!" 

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      how to make fresh flour bread

      Bread Basics: Shaping Dough

      Let's talk about SHAPING DOUGH.  We heard your questions loud and clear, so we are introducing a new series on Bread Basics.

      In this post we share the WHY, the step-by-step HOW, and a short VIDEO to answer the most common bread shaping questions. You'll see how easy shaping is once you learn a few simple steps!  Let us know if this was helpful or if you have any questions!

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