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      Taste and See 

      When you hear the words “whole grain”, what comes to mind? Dry? Crumbly? Cardboard? How about ‘no thank you!’? That’s what I thought of every time I heard whole grain. However, what if I told you that most of us have never had REAL whole grain bread. In fact, unless you were alive prior to 1917 or are already milling your own flour, I would imagine you have never tasted REAL bread.

      We like to give people samples and wait until after they’ve tasted it to tell them about the whole grain part. I never get tired of their responses:

      “Wow, that’s the best piece of bread I’ve ever eaten!”

      “Can you give me this recipe, it’s absolutely delicious!”  

      “Are you serious? That was amazing! I can’t believe that’s a whole grain cookie.”

      Or my favorite... “Can I have another?”

      Real whole grain breads are nothing like their store-bought counterparts. In our taste test studies, 100% of our sampling populations have preferred Unsifted whole-grain baked goods to the commercial flour replicates (ages 2 to 87). Taste and see for yourself!


      New to Milling? Try our Starter Kit!

      The first and easiest step to enjoying healthy whole grains is purchasing the Unsifted Starter Kit. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to confidently begin your delicious new journey: a WonderMill, two curated Berry Blends, and 5 printed recipe cards. The Unsifted community is here to help you every step of the way. You can do this! With the simple push of a button, you are just 15 seconds away from nutrient-packed goodness. 

      Once you and your loved one’s taste muffins or bread made with fresh flour you'll immediately realize the difference. It’s amazing that fresh flour is not only healthier than store bought flour, but it tastes much better too! I thought I would miss All Purpose flour, but I was wrong. All Purpose actually tastes "dead" to me now. 


      Purchased your Starter Kit already?

      Use this Getting Started Checklist to prepare your pantry and kitchen prior to your mill arriving. This list includes ingredients for Unsifted's Getting Started Recipes along with recommended cooking utensils that will make home-milling even easier.


      What to expect when your mill arrives

      Watch our How-to-Videos to learn our tips and tricks for unboxing and priming the WonderMill for its first use!


      Ready to use the WonderMill for the first time?

      Watch our How-to-Videos to see just how easy home milling actually is! With the simple push of a button, you are 15 seconds away from healthy fresh flour.


       Questions? E-mail info@unsifted.com