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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 63 reviews
      Lisa Parrella
      Wonderful! Easy to put together, works perfectly!!

      Just as advertised! The grains that came with the Mill are amazing! Beautifully packaged and it works perfectly. Love it! My only suggestion would be to have 2 bread receipes rather than one for brownies etc. The interest here, for me certainly and I'm guessing for most people, is bread, not cookies etc.

      Susan Croll
      Wonderful product and simple instructions for successful use!

      I'm still learning, but have loved all of the recipes so far. The step-by-step instructions are SO helpful, and we are enjoying this part of a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Unsifted!

      Rob Lewis
      Great product

      Mill is easy to use, recipe cards are extremely easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to trying everything!

      Brandi Thompson
      I can eat flour again!!

      I’m very new to milling my own flour. I love the started kit and realized quickly I would need more berries lol. I haven’t been able to try all recipes I want to yet. I’m waiting on having a bread machine to make my life easier. So when that comes watch out. lol. But I was getting depressed not being able to get things with flour. And I paid for it dearly if I chose to eat it and that made me so sad. So I came across unsifted on IG and decided to jump on the unsifted train. I’m so glad I did. I’ve made muffins, drop biscuits, sausage gravy and the chocolate chip cookies. My husband and I loved them all. My teen boys liked it. I had 1 complain a little that it doesn’t taste the same. But somehow he ate it and fussed when it was gone lol. I think it just takes time when you’re not use to it. For me I hadn’t ate hardly any flour products for a while so it tasted wonderful to me. So he will come around 100% or go hungry lol. I plan to make the sandwich bread weekly and tons more things when my bread machine comes. I highly recommend jumping in and purchasing the starter kit and grabbing extra berries if you can. Along with all the recipe cards. I purchased the cards with my starter kit. I’m so glad I did. They are exactly what I needed for each step. And the customer service is top notch. Keira And Sarah respond to me very quickly and are so good to add extra help to my question. I just love these girls.

      One week in + zero brain fog!

      I just started milling for my family about a week ago and we already notice a difference! My husband and I are waking up with zero brain fog and the strength and endurance to take on the day!! Thrilled to be on this journey for ourselves and our kiddos!!