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      Our diversified Berry Blends allow for an enhanced range of nutrients in every bite.  Wheat berries alone have 40 of the 44 key essential nutrients for life.  Isn't that amazing? However, fresh flour begins oxidizing as soon as it is cut or milled. The precious Vitamin E, a vital antioxidant, is among the first to deactivate as the cell’s contents are exposed to oxygen in the air. Fresh flour can lose up to 90% of its nutritional value after just three days. We recommend milling flour on an as-needed basis to maximize the nutritional benefit, rather than “milling ahead”. The baking process locks in the nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, etc.), with minimal nutritional loss thereafter.

      In addition, whole grains are made to survive – they are even designed to survive your digestive track (think of corn). The tough exterior (the bran) is like a shield for the precious seed. Milling breaks down that protective bran and maximizes the surface area of the grain, therefore maximizing the nutrients your body has access to. The good news, is milling is SO easy!


      Wheat berries contain 40/44 essential nutrients for life, however, those nutrients start oxidizing as soon as the berries are milled. Fresh flour is said to lose up to 45% of its nutritional value in just 24 hours and should be used promptly to maximize nutritional benefit. We recommend milling just what you need right when you need it rather than “milling ahead”.

      Checkout our Seek Truth page to see more of the benefits of eating whole grains daily. There is a lot of research supporting this!