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      Customer Reviews

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      Love this grain, amazing product.

      This will make your life easy!

      I tried my own blends for MONTHS, and my recipes never turned out well. These blends are perfection. Using the sandwich bread recipe they have, along with their basic blend, will give you a PERFECT sandwich loaf. I make it every week for my family and everyone loves it. Customer for life!


      Great wheat berries that make delicious bread! We have it on auto order!

      Michelle C
      Just try it!

      I’ve been milling fresh flour for about 6 months now. I always used my hard red and white berries for my breads and dough. I was curious about the basic blend from Unsifted and after reading reviews and following their page decided to give it a try. All I can say is I’m so glad we did!

      It has a sweeter taste than just the hard red and white together. We’ve since made our usuals … loaf of bread, pizza dough, muffins and cinnamon rolls. I keep getting compliments that they are the best ones I’ve made yet. The only thing I’ve changed is using the Unsifted Basic Blend! When teenagers give you that feedback, you know it’s true! Lol. I highly recommend giving it a try! You won’t be sorry!

      Elise B.
      Unsifted grain is so yummy, and the buying process, so easy! I have never looked back!

      Part of my story - I LOVE BREAD! Yup, I do. But I've never loved the "bloated" feeling that comes with consuming it. A very close friend started sharing about milling her own flour from actual wheatberries, right in her kitchen, and baking her own breads. She shared about how shelf-stable flour purchased at the store strips away 2/3 of the wheatberry, and all of the nutritional benefit that wheat actually has. Wheatberries are high in fiber and protein, calcium and many micronutrients like Magnesium and selenium.

      So, I wanted to eat bread, and I wanted it to be nutritious. Almost 2 years ago, I decided to purchase a mill and grain, apprehensive if I could do it. I have literally never looked back. For the first time ever, bread makes me feel full and energized. Seriously! I now can feel guilt-free about giving my daughter a "snack" roll because I know it's good for her.

      Whole grains have so many health benefits that I am just starting to learn about now. If I can mill my own flour and make my own bread, anyone can!